Hey Babe,

Thank you for choosing Sugarbaeby Lashes. As you know we are Vegan, Faux Mink and Cruelty Free.  We are super excited to see how you bring our lashes to life with your beauty.  We know first hand the thrill when opening and playing with new products. Especially LASHES!! The way they can change your whole eye/look!

Enough said for now let's get into applying the lashes.

Applying the Lashes:

  1. Removing the lashes from their cases. PLEASE be very care when removing the lashes from the plastic case. We recommend you use tweezers. Grab your tweezers and pull off the corner of the lash that is stuck against the plastic (doesn't matter which end). Once you have managed to grab the corner of the lash, pull the lash off GENTLY until the whole lash is off the plastic. 
  2. Measure the lash to your eye. Grab your lash and place it along your lash line. We recommend you cut the inner corner off (smallest section of the lash). 
  3. Apply the lash glue. Grab your favourite LASH GLUE. Hold your lash with CLEAN fingers or tweezers and apply a thin amount of lash glue along the lash band. Ensuring you coat both corners as these are the first to lift if not enough glue has been applied. Let glue dry for 30 seconds. Glue should look a little clearer not so white. 
  4. Applying the lash to the eye. Personal preference when applying lashes to the eye. Some find applying lashes to a closed eye is easier than and open eye. Find what works for you. Again personal preference when applying lashes with fingers or tweezers. Yet again find what works for you. We personally apply our lashes with our clean fingers to an open eye. Apply the lash CLOSE TO the lash line/eyelid. Do Not apply the strip lashes on natural eyelashes as this will damage and rip out your real lashes. Ensure the strip lash is on the eyelid closest to the lash line. 
  5. Fix your corners we recommend grabbing tweezers and adjusting the outer corner of your eye first. Then move to your inner corner. Once the lash is secure grab those tweezers and squeeze the lash tight to ensure it is glued down. 



- Use tweezers that are great for plucking hairs to adjust inner and outer corners.

- Use Lash tweezers to squeeze lash to ensure lash is secure and glued properly to eyelid.

- Apply Mascara before apply Faux Mink lashes.