Hey Babe

Welcome to our FAQ Page. Let's get into it! 

  1. How many times can i wear Sugarbaeby Lashes? If Cleaned and cared for properly up to 20+ wears. But if you're like us you may go through so many styles you forget. Another way to tell is the quality of the lash. If the lash is looking very damaged and sad we recommend you discard the lash. 
  2. How to Clean the lash? Great question! So many different ways to clean your lashes. It is a personal preference type of question.  We recommend either soaking in lukewarm water with baby soap until glue loosens enough for you to pull off. Pop on a paper towel use a cotton bud with some micellar water and comb the mascara off the soaked lashes. Gently pat dry. Once patted dry pop back in plastic case to hold their shape.  Another way is to Gently pull the glue off the band before use. We HIGHLY recommend you clean your lash before every use. The second method is highly advised for a quick method. The soaking method is great if you have time during the day.
  3. Free Shipping? Australian orders receive Free shipping on orders over $50 AUD. International Free Shipping is over $75.
  4. How Strong Is your Lash Glue? Our lash glue has been reviewed by dancers and everyday makeup users to be one of the strongest glues they have tried! What an honour! Give Sticky Like Honey a go, You wont be disappointed!
  5. Are you a Faux Mink Brand? OBVI! Yes, We are Cruelty Free Faux Mink.