Sugarbaeby’s Journey

I feel we haven’t properly introduced ourselves!
We apologise.

Welcome to Sugarbaeby ✨

Let our lashes do the talking!

Bring some drama to your eyes with our High Quailty Lashes.

Our Faux Mink Vegan Lashes range from Soft & Sultry to Bad B*tch Glam.

Gorgeous eyelashes are a wink away.

We take pride in offering you the highest quality lashes & beauty products.

The Sugarbaeby dream became a reality around the beginning of COVID (feels like yesterday).

My mother and I went into business together to bring a brand that offered Aussie girls the finest lashes. It was so thrilling to take on a new business/challenge.

One of my favourite parts of creating Sugarbaeby was sharing and learning the experience & journey of makeup. Learning how my mum wore makeup to how I wear my makeup.

The support I had from not only my family but my girlfriends were and still is so special. I cherish every single one of you. 💕

From an idea - suppliers and then our first order arriving at our doorstep was an unforgettable feeling. I still think back to that first shipment. 📦

As we continue to grow - by taking on phenomenal talent like our micro influencers/MUA’s/ new customers we are so grateful for your support.

Even though it sounds all positive we have had some challenges along the way. Our glue expired recently, being sent half filled bottles. Couldn’t attend night markets due to covid/weather/timing. Our Instagram getting disabled. Having to start from scratch was very depressing.

All these little set backs made it tough to see the future for the brand.

And here we are laughing into 2024 with a positive attitude, new products and bigger and better support.

I hope your next Lash purchase will be with Sugarbaeby. We would love to have you as part of our team. Whether that’s on our PR or a customer. Please tag us in your looks we love to see your talent and repost them.